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EU training mission in Mali established

Mali Crisis

Té / 18 January 2013

The Council today established a Common Security and Defence Policy mission to support the training and reorganisation of the Malian Armed Forces. This decision creates the legal basis for the operation and is another step towards its deployment.

BRUSSELS, Kingdom of Belgium, January 17, 2013/African Press Organization (APO)

The EU training mission in Mali (EUTM Mali) is intended to help improve the military capacity of the Malian Armed Forces in order to allow, under civilian authority, the restoration of the country’s territorial integrity. It represents an integral part of the EU’s comprehensive approach to the situation in Mali and the Sahel.

EUTM Mali will provide military training as well as train and advise the Malian Armed Forces on command and control, logistics, human resources as well as on international humanitarian law, the protection of civilians and human rights. The mission will not be involved in combat operations.

The Council also appointed Brigadier General François Lecointre from France as EU mission commander. Besides, it estimated the common costs of the operation at EUR

12.3 million for the mandate of 15 months. The headquarters will be in Bamako while training is to take place in a dedicated location north-east of Bamako.

The launch of operations will require a separate legal act.

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