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Council urged the Parties in Guinea-Bissau to uphold public peace

Guinea Bissau

Té / 5 November 2012

Press Statement of the 340th Peace and Security Council meeting on the situation in Guinea Bissau:

The Peace and Security Council of the African Union (AU), at its 340th meeting held on 2 November 2012, received briefings from the Commission, as well as from the representative of the Commission of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) on the situation in Guinea Bissau, in the presence of a representative of the United Nations.

Council reiterated its earlier communiqués and press statements on the situation in Guinea Bissau, and expressed its profound appreciation of, and strong support for, the efforts of ECOWAS and the leaders of the region towards an early resolution of the crisis and the stabilization of Guinea Bissau.

Council expressed its concern with the rise of tension caused by the attack in Bissau, on 21 October 2012, against Bissalanca airbase, which resulted in the loss of human lives. Council strongly condemned the attack and those behind it.

Council stressed the need for continued regional and international efforts to consolidate the progress made in the search for a lasting solution to the prevailing situation in Guinea Bissau. In this regard, Council welcomed the meeting between the Bissau-Guinean stakeholders, in New York, on 29 September 2012, facilitated by the AU. Council urged the Parties in Guinea-Bissau to uphold public peace and the interest of the people of Guinea Bissau and to show the spirit of restraint and compromise required for addressing the country’s multifaceted challenges.

Council encouraged the Commission to pursue its action in support of the region, and stressed the need for continued close collaboration and coordination with ECOWAS and other partners within the international community, in the search for lasting peace in Guinea Bissau. Council endorsed the dispatch of a joint mission of the AU, ECOWAS, the UN, the EU and the CPLP to Bissau, as soon as possible.

Council agreed to meet again to review the situation in detail on the basis of a comprehensive report of the Chairperson of the Commission to be submitted to Council within 60 days.

ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia, November 5, 2012/African Press Organization (APO)

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