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Africa: New report urges greater focus on conflict prevention

Think Security Africa (TSA)

Té / 12 February 2014

The latest report from Think Security Africa (TSA): Security in Africa 2013 | Regaining the initiative for peace, raises concerns about the sharp rise in civil conflicts, and the associated rise in planned and actual unconstitutional transfers of power. These incidents have doubled between 2011 and 2013.

LONDON, United-Kingdom, February 12, 2014/African Press Organization (APO)

Based on assessments of security-related developments between 2011 and 2013, the report uses maps, graphs, and other visual aids to create a nuanced portrayal of the contemporary African security landscape.

“In order to improve security in Africa, we need to understand it much better. This report seeks to make often confusing and highly emotive issues more tangible. There are common issues driving the most serious conflicts in Africa, and we really need to start using this information to prevent dangerous escalations of violence. The situation currently prevailing in the CAR can’t be allowed to happen elsewhere, this report provides four possible answers,” says Adunola Abiola, founder of Think Security Africa.

Security in Africa 2013 | Regaining the Initiative for Peace in Africa, focuses on incidents of national and sub-national conflict, border insecurity, secession, coup d’état, political instability, low-intensity conflict, terrorism, maritime insecurity and protests and strikes across Africa.

The report identifies a link between the rising trend of planned and actual coup d’état and civil war in Africa. It also explores the relationship between border insecurity and conflicts of varying intensities.

One of the most policy-relevant findings of the report is that the most serious violence, becomes most likely when states are experiencing challenges with the national chain of command, societal management, and preserving territorial integrity – all at the same time.

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