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AIRBUS A380 : Air Austral signs firm order for two single class aircrafts

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Té / 17 November 2009

Thanks to Air Austral and Airbus A380, «we’ll enter a new era in terms of economic air travel». The airline, based in Saint Denis, La Réunion, has ordered two A380s in a single-class configuration. Powered by Engine Alliance engines and seating around 840 passengers, the aircraft will be operated on the high-density route from La Réunion to Paris, a long-haul flight. This version is the lowest fuel cost and emissions per passenger of any aircraft available today, said the Airbus Chief Operating Officer Customers, John Leahy. Following, an Airbus press release:

Air Austral, an airline based in Reunion Island, has ordered two A380 in a single-class configuration. Long-haul and low-cost, it will be possible with the aircraft ordered by Air Austral: two A380s in a single-class configuration.

“The A380 will offer the best comfort of any aircraft in a high density configuration. With its spacious and extremely quiet cabins, we’ll enter a new era in terms of economic air travel.” said Gérard Ethève, CEO of Air Austral.

“Air Austral opens a new chapter for A380 operations. It will operate the A380 with the lowest fuel cost and emissions per passenger of any aircraft available today” said John Leahy, Airbus Chief Operating Officer Customers. “The in-service experience has shown just how efficient the A380 really is, and this order from Air Austral demonstrates new ways of benefiting from that efficiency”.

Being greener, cleaner, quieter and smarter, the A380 is already setting new standards for air transport and the environment. In addition to offering unequalled levels of passenger comfort, space and quietness in the cabin, the A380 has unmatched levels of operating costs and fuel efficiency, consuming generally less than three litres per passenger per 100 kilometres. With the Air Austral configuration, fuel consumption levels below two litres per passenger per 100 kilometres can be expected.

The A380 not only complies with today’s noise limits, it is also significantly quieter than any other large aircraft flying today. With a range of 8 200 nm / 15 200 km, and seating 525 passengers in a standard three-class layout while being much more eco-efficient, the A380 is the ideal equipment to alleviate traffic congestion at busy airports, while coping with growth.

20 A380s are in service with four customers, connecting four continents on 13 major international routes. The in-service A380 fleet has accumulated over 82,000 revenue flight hours in over 8,700 commercial flights. Over 3 million passengers have already enjoyed flying the A380.

Orders for the aircraft stand at 202 from 17 customers.

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