The United States between hegemony and debt

Té / 22 September 2008

To defend their strategic choices, the United States will stop at no qualms.

To grab the Iraqi oil, they begin a military offensive on the pretext that the Government has chemical bombs. Summoned by the public to present evidence, George Bush will recognize that there were none. Nevertheless, he continues to destroy. 4000 Americans killed, 600,000 Iraqi civilians dead. He voted in Congress hundreds of billions of dollars to continue.

To control apparatus of the Third World States and the content of their policy, they require good governance, elections, economic infrastructure and sound financial. The IMF is the military arm of this strategy. The argument: the debt is presented as the result of incompetent leadership and corruption.

What can we say today before the announcement that the U.S. debt to the world amounts to 10,600 billion dollars! And to highlight the lack of scruples, it is decided to increase by 700 billion more! The explanation? The United States is sacrificing to save the world economy ... And the media amplify instead stressed that debt relief required by poor countries amounted to 20 billion only.

What does the IMF and good doctors, so quick to rush to the bedside of indebted governments and incompetent? Where is the WTO guarantor of the doctrine of market regulator against the state subsidies?

For its hegemony, the United States make fun of their own principles.


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