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Chile warns UN of potential failure of climate change talks in Copenhagen

Global warming et climate change

Té / 24 September 2009

Affluent countries must agree to quantifiable cuts in greenhouse gas emissions that are far deeper than previously pledged, or the upcoming global talks on climate change in Copenhagen, Denmark, will be a failure, Chile’s leader warned the General Assembly yesterday.

Addressing the annual General Debate, President Michelle Bachelet said she wanted to «sound the alarm» that unless countries coordinate their levels at the highest level, then the talks in the Danish capital in December will not produce an agreement setting limits on gas emissions that can go into effect when the Kyoto Protocol’s first commitment period ends in 2012.

«We risk failure in what is the most urgent cause to be taken up by the world at this time», Mrs. Bachelet said, noting the efforts of the UN this week – including the high-level summit hosted by Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon yesterday – to try to build momentum on the issue.

«We have the ability to correct the course of our future. Let us not use the economic crisis as an excuse for not reaching an agreement that our citizens are demanding».

Mrs. Bachelet urged industrialized nations to «adopt quantifiable goals for more ambitious emissions reductions than those currently existing. If they assume their historical responsibility with deeds, and not only words, and if they undertake to provide the necessary technological and financial support, then the developing world will be able to make an even greater effort to meet this challenge».

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